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Invitation to Join: "New" Memberships Are Reduced

Lakeside Swim & Racquet Club invites you to join the Club with the purchase of a new membership, which is currently offered during a special reduced rates "promotion" open to the public.  The new membership rate is determined by the number of persons on the membership, within these membership levels.

Notice to New Applicants Relative to Coronavirus:  The rates below have been additionally reduced due to having a shortened season resulting from impacts of the coronavirus; the prorated dues/fees per level are:

  • Senior Single, $427
  • Single, $468
  • Senior Dual, $508
  • Dual, $589
  • Family or Household, $630

It is easy to submit your application.  Use the link below to access the new membership information pages and begin your application process.

   Join LSRC 

A new "Tennis Only" membership, which permits tennis play year-round including night play, but without use of pools, is $425, under standard rates (which are not reduced). Follow this link for more information on a tennis membership:  Tennis Info

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Lakeside's Best Swim & Tennis Club

Lakeside Swim & Racquet Club is a family-friendly swim club for Lakeside, Virginia.  We are a non-profit social organization dedicated to providing fun, safe summertime activities under an ideal social setting for families and residents of Lakeside.

Our Club is one of the largest in the Richmond area (3 pools) and is situated in a park-like setting, surrounded by gorgeous trees and with a creek running through the property.  We invite you to join our Club and make it a memorable summer of fun, friendship and community!

While our focus is safe, family fun, we constantly strive to be affordable.  LSRC has memberships that are competitively priced, and the Club seeks to offer reasonable membership rates in the Lakeside and western Henrico areas.

Raffle Sales

Do you like taking a chance on a raffle?  From time to time, LSRC offers members and others the opportunity to purchase raffle tickets.   Check our current raffles here:   Raffle Sales

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Lap Swimming & Walking via SignUp Genius

LSRC is offering members the opportunity to enjoy lap lane swimming under the Phase 3 guidelines.  Each of the pools (competition and recreation) is set up with devoted lap lanes:  one in the competition pool and two in the recreation pool.  You should reserve your time in advance to make sure you can get a time slot to your liking.  You should also reserve a lap lane for your lane walking, but in the recreation pool.  For your structured exercise program, lap lanes are available and will permit social distancing in the lanes.

Here is the link to initiate your lap lane reservation:  Lap Lane Reservation

If you visit the pools without a lane reservation, and a lap swim lane is open/unused, you can request using the free lap lane. Please note that lap swim lanes cannot be used simply for playful swimming and floating around. 

Competition & Recreation Pools Open Under COVID Guidelines

The Board of Directors approved a seasonal opening on June 13th of the competition and recreation pools under the directive of Executive Order #65 and its associated requirements related to the coronavirus. Under Phase 3, the wading/baby pool is now open.

Parents can use SignUp Genius to reserve family play time for their young children in the wading/baby pool.  There should be three (virtual) sections available for reservation. 

Under Phase 3, recreational and playful use of the pools is permitted.  The competition pool will have one lap lane devoted to lap swimming and the rest of the pool is available for recreational use, but dedicated to adults only (at this time). 

The recreation pool has 2 dedicated lap lanes for lap swimming/walking, and the rest of the pool is set up in virtual quadrants for recreational (freeform) play and exercise. 

NOTE:  Change as of 7/01/2020:  Under Phase Three of the Governor's E.O. #65 COVID guidelines, guests of members will be permitted.  Individual guest passes remain at $7 each and a book of 10 guest passes is $50.  Members are limited to 2 guests per visit under Phase 3.

For now:  here is a link to the LSRC's "Rules and Guidelines for Summer Season 2020" which explains important procedures and practices that will be implemented:

     Rules and Guidelines Document 

A Handout For You:  The Special COVID-19 Committee has created the following handout which summarizes subjects of interest relative to pools' use and contains an FAQ section:
      Phase 2 Rules & Guidelines Overview 

Business Mailing Address:

    Lakeside Swim and Racquet Club
    P.O. Box 9614
    Henrico, VA 23228-0614 

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