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You can join and pay via an application form and the USPS mail, or using the online application process and pay with your credit card, or you can also join with application form and full payment delivered to the Check-In staff at the Club.  The Check-In staff can also accept card payment for a new membership.

For the 2022 season, don't miss a great opportunity to purchase a new membership and enjoy a summer of swimming fun for you and your entire family.  Installment payment plans are available at no extra cost, and this payment method is most beneficial when used starting in January or February.

New Membership Dues & Fees, Full Facility or Tennis Only

Below is a summary of each permanent and annually renewable membership level.  Please refer to the LSRC Bylaws for specific additional details about a level.  A "new" membership is offered to persons who do not have an existing membership with the Club.  If you would like to join Lakeside Swim & Racquet Club as a new member, please refer to the fee chart that follows, and you may choose among the application and payment methods described below. 

Youth Athletic Membership:  The Club also offers a "Youth Athletic Membership" to those swimmers who wish to participate on the Lakeside Hurricanes Swim Team without becoming a permanent member of the Club.  Use this link for more information   Youth Athletic Membership

Installment Payments:  LSRC provides the opportunity for new members to pay the new membership dues & fees on an installment basis (whether by check or credit card); use of the installments payment method is maximized by starting payments as early as possible, in January or February.  There is no additional fee to pay via installments.  To initiate installment payments for a new membership, follow the instructions provided on the webpage    Installment Payments 

New Memberships / Standard Dues & Fees / 2022 Season



(All Persons On a Membership Must Reside @ Owner's Residence)



Year's Dues

Improvement Fee

 Total 1st
Year Dues


2 adults, or 1 adult/1 dependent child, or 1 adult/1 adult dependent






2 adults + other qualifying members; or 1 adult + other qualifying members (dependents); min of 3 persons





 Senior Dual

Max. 2 people; + owner must be at least 65 yrs old on date of membership application





 Senior Single

1 adult who is 65 yrs old/older on the date of membership application






1 adult membership owner






1 adult membership owner, tennis-only privileges





*Caveats:  (1) The Membership Purchase fee applies only for the 1st year of a new membership.  The membership purchase fee is not reduced for any new membership level.
(2) The purchase of a membership does not equate to a purchase for lifetime; a member must pay the annual dues & fees in order to keep a membership with LSRC, and non-payment of a season's dues & fees results in membership termination.
(3) Each new application for membership to the Club is presented to the Board of Directors for approval, and the Board's decision to accept or reject an application is final. 

Apply and Pay With Check:

1.  On the webpage Forms and Documents there are two new membership application choices:

  • New Membership Application, Full Facility Use, Standard Rates 2022:  Use this application if you wish to join the Club and enjoy all the facility offerings including swimming and tennis.  Please select the appropriate membership level for your household and pay the associated fee. 
  • New Membership Application, Tennis Only:  Use this application if you wish to join the Club and only use the tennis courts, without any facility or pool privileges.  

2.  Print the application document (in pdf format) appropriate for your desired membership use.

3.  Complete the application and mail it, along with your check for the full amount, to the business mailing address for the Club, located on the top of the application form.

Apply Online and Pay With Credit Card:

1.  To apply for Club membership using your credit card for payment of dues & fees, continue on this page and complete an online application.  This process should be followed through to its end with the payment via Wild Apricot Payments.  

2.  Begin the process below by selecting your appropriate membership level and follow the prompts.  This function is not designed to begin the application process in order to complete a paper or online application and pay with check or cash--it does not work in that manner and no membership is created.

3.  NOTICE:  to submit an online application and pay via your credit card, there is a 3% credit card transaction processing fee assessed by the Club.  The fee is already included in the total new membership levels below.

NOTE:  For new tennis-only applicants, please take this link    Tennis  

NOTE:  Once the Club has opened for the summer season, membership payments can be made at the Check-In station, where staff can accept application forms, check payments, and credit card payments.  Cash is accepted as well.

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