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Membership Renewals

Memberships in an active or "on hold" status from last year are encouraged to renew their membership for the 2022 swimming and tennis season.  The printable renewal forms are provided on the Forms and Documents page, as well as below.

Your renewal application should be submitted with your payment, as the form is the annual document the Club uses to maintain your most recent information on key fields, like phone numbers, mailing and email addresses, and all members' data.  If the Club does not have your accurate information, it will not be able to effectively communicate with you.

Membership Renewal Rates For 2022 




Total Renewal Fee
(paying by check and
not including late fee)

Total Renewal Fee
(including 3% credit
card fee and not
including late fee)











 Senior Dual





 Senior Single














  • Any renewal of membership on May 1st or later incurs the standard $50 late fee. 
  • If you pay your renewal dues with a credit card via invoice, there is an additional 3% credit card processing fee applicable.
  • Eligibility for the "senior" membership level requires that the membership owner is 65 years old/older on the date of the membership renewal.

Paying Renewal Dues By Check:

1.  Select and print the appropriate renewal application from the two choices on the Forms and Documents webpage; use the one for a late renewal only if you are renewing on/after May 1, 2022, and are paying the $50 late fee.  Use the standard renewal form if you are renewing on time and the late fee is not required. 

2.  If your payment is postmarked by the USPS or other shipping entity before May 1st, the payment is considered on-time.

3.  Attach the application form with your check for the relevant dues & fees amount and mail to the business mailing address for the Club, which is located at the top of the application form.

4.  Installment Payments:  If you wish to pay your renewal membership dues & fees on an installment basis by check, follow the instructions provided on the webpage   Installment Payments

Renewal Documents Available for Download:

Membership Renewal Application, 2022 Season:
Form expired for 2022 season

Late Membership Renewal Application, 2022 Season (use this form starting May 1st): 

2022 Late Renewal Form

Paying Renewal Dues Online By Credit Card:

1.  You may renew your membership and pay your renewal dues & fees using your credit card.  Twice during the pre-opening renewal season, LSRC sends renewal "reminder" emails to members with a link to your invoice. 

2.  If you wish to renew via credit card and pay all the dues & fees in a single payment, follow the renewal instructions in one of those email reminders to access your online invoice.  NOTE:  The use of a credit card to pay dues & fees incurs a 3% processing fee.

3.  You also have the option of logging onto your member account from the Home page using the member login feature at the top right of the webpage; use this link to the Home page  LSRC Member Login  and initiate your renewal yourself.  Just follow the renewal prompts. 

4.  Installment Payments:  If you wish to pay your renewal dues & fees via credit card and with installment payments, follow the instructions on the webpage   Installment Payments 

There is no extra fee to participate in installment payments.

Membership Cancellation

If a membership owner does not renew through payment of annual dues & fees and does not place the membership in the "on hold" status, that membership is terminated and cancelled at the end of a summer season and coinciding with the end of the fiscal year on September 30th.  Please don't let your membership unintentionally fall into the cancelled status; you do have an option.  Following a membership termination and should a former member wish to return as an LSRC member, the person must apply as a "new" applicant and pay the respective new membership dues & fees. 

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