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                                                        The Family Swim Club of Lakeside, Virginia


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LSRC serves families from the Greater Richmond area. The Club is conveniently located off Woodman Road, south of Parham Road and east of Staples Mill Road.  Recognizable nearby landmarks are Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church and Moody Middle School, which is only one block away from the Club's entrance.

To contact the Club, please call the LSRC business phone number listed in this section, as well as at the bottom of each page of the website.  The business number is monitored daily during the open summer season and periodically at other times during the year. 

Street Address:  2434 Swartwout Avenue                      Henrico, VA 23228
Phone:  804-264-1605  (during spring & summer seasons)
Mailing Address:  P. O. Box 9614, Henrico, VA  23228

Has Your Email Changed?

LSRC communicates with members using the member's primary email address. The Club captures this address from a new membership and during the renewal process, via the application forms.  If your email address has changed, please send an email to and report your change.  LSRC cannot know what your new email address is should you get one, so it becomes incumbent upon you to inform LSRC of your new email address. 


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How LSRC Contacts You...

The LSRC Board of Directors has established a policy that the preferred method to communicate with all its members is through electronic mail ("email") for all official notices, important reminders, the Newsletter, etc.  This method affords LSRC with great savings in production, labor and mailing costs.

Please make sure that if you do not have an email address, LSRC knows that you prefer to receive your communications via USPS postal service.  Within our records management system, LSRC now has the capability to easily track your communication preference.

Notifying You of Schedule and Event Changes

From time to time, there are unexpected changes or cancellations to events or other plans at the facility, typically resulting from inclement weather.  The Club will communicate with you via the website, on the Calendar dropdown page named "Today's News." Please check out this LSRC website page for quick and unexpected alterations to schedules.

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Location:  2434 Swartwout Avenue | Henrico, VA | 23228     Phone:  804-264-1605       Email:

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