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LSRC Management
Board of Directors and Committee Descriptions
Board of Directors

The Lakeside Swim & Racquet Club, Inc., is governed by the Board of Directors, as established by the Articles of Incorporation.  The Board of Directors consists of a maximum of fifteen (15) persons and a minimum of eleven (11) persons.  Each year, one-third (1/3) of the 15 members of the Board are replaced with the election of new Board members during the annual membership meeting.

The Board of Directors conducts monthly meetings on the second Thursday of the month, excluding the month of December.  The location, time, and format for the meetings are set by the Board.

In addition to the Board of Directors, the Club is supported in its management and routine conduct of business operations through the following Standing Committees:  Buildings & Grounds, Management, Membership, Finance, Nomination, Recreation, Swim, Tennis and Grievance.  Members of the various committees come from the Board of Directors and the general membership.

Current Board Members
Committee Descriptions

LSRC is governed and operated by its members and volunteers who donate their time and energy through its several committees and officer positions. The various committees are described here. 

Buildings & Grounds Committee:  This committee has responsibility for ensuring that the Club property and all facilities are kept in a safe, attractive, and operable condition.  The committee also has authority to enter into any necessary contracts required to meet these obligations, with the approval and or endorsement from the Board of Directors.

Finance Committee:  This committee has responsibility for overseeing the financial health of the Club.  This committee is heavily involved in the annual budgeting process.  The committee members receive financial budgeting data from respective committee leaders and/or other officers and prepare the budget proposal to the full Board for its review and approval or modifications.  Through the budgeting process, the Finance Committee also makes the budget recommendation, which sets the annual dues and other fees, and this committee also arranges for the annual financial review of the Treasurer’s records. 

Management Committee:  This committee has responsibility for general facility operations, member services, and facility staffing.  This committee oversees the operation of the snack bar and its staff, oversees management of the inventory of the guest passes and sales of guest passes, and also manages the member validation function through the check-in window at the Club.  This committee also oversees the rentals of the picnic pavilion as well as the canopy shelter.

Membership Committee:  This committee has responsibility for maintaining accurate and reliable membership records, for recruitment of new members, and for implementation of plans for membership retention.  The committee also has responsibility for participating with the Board in any issues involving membership validation.  This committee has responsibility for preparing and presenting to the Board (for approval) all applications for new memberships as well as special request memberships, and the committee is charged with the task of preparing new membership and renewal membership forms for providing to members or prospective members, as well as for presentation on the LSRC website.  A member of this committee also has responsibility for the maintenance of all the membership records within the database of the computer application used by the Club and has the added responsibility for providing a current set of membership records to the Management Committee for use by employees at the Check-In Station of the Club.  Additionally, this committee has responsibility for evaluation of marketing and advertising methods, making recommendations to the Board on which solicitation programs should be pursued, and for working with companies that deal with mass marketing. 

Recreation Committee:  This committee has responsibility for organizing and coordinating all social events and activities at the Club, to promote member satisfaction and retention.  This committee also has responsibility for recruiting other members to serve on the committee, as well as solicit members for assisting at the various social events to ensure that the events and activities are successfully executed.  

Swim Committee:  This committee has responsibility for all swim team operations.  There are many & varied duties and obligations for this committee, such as:  maintaining accurate swim team registration files; making recommendations to the Board for the hiring of coaches; establishing practice schedules for the swim team and working with the Buildings & Grounds Committee to coordinate the schedules so that the pool can be ready for the season’s initial practice; recruits and trains volunteers to ensure successful running of swim meets; assigns appropriate representatives for the JRAC league; oversees fundraising activities and events to ensure a constant positive revenue flow in support of the swim team, the committee, and the Club; manages the Robbie Ashworth College Scholarship Fund and the associated swim marathon which raises revenue to support the scholarship; and provides annual projections for input to the budgeting process.  This committee also has responsibility for the management and maintenance of the committee’s software application that is used for registration and records management of swim team participants, for communicating with swim team parents, for presenting a parents portal for access to the online application, and for administration of the swim committee’s website as to accepted standards and practices.

Grievance Committee:  This committee has responsibility for receiving and processing complaints from members against any other member and/or the Board of Directors members and/or officers.  There is a defined procedure of steps to follow when the committee members conduct their research and render a recommended course of action to the Board. 

Nomination Committee:  This committee has responsibility for recruiting member volunteers who agree to be nominated to election to the Board of Directors.  The committee assembles a slate of proposed candidates and provides this information to the Board which then presents the candidates to the general membership for election at the annual membership meeting.

Tennis Committee:  This committee has responsibility for conducting the Club’s tennis activities.  The committee also advises the Board on the condition of the Club’s tennis facilities.  With the approval of the Board, the committee also manages the selection and hiring of instructors and/or coaches for any competitive or instructional tennis programs.

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