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Membership Information
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Descriptions of Membership Types

The adult who owns the membership and one other adult, and their legal dependents under the age of 24 residing within the same household. Also includes unmarried adult children of the member and/or the other adult, who reside in the members home due to a handicap or infirmity. The parents and/or grandparents of the member or other adult provided that they reside in the members home are also eligible. Other than the membership owner, all persons that qualify under this category shall be known as associate household members. Eligibility criteria must be met to be added as a “child or dependent” (see Bylaws for definition of eligibility).


MAX OF 2: The adult who owns the membership and one of the following who resides within the same household: another adult; a legal dependent or a foreign exchange student who is under the age of 24; or a parent/grandparent. This membership level is limited to two (2) people and the person other than the membership owner will be known as an associate dual member.


This membership level is for one adult who is at least 18 years old and who owns the membership.


Senior Dual
MAX OF 2: This membership level is the same as the Dual, except that the membership owner must be at least 65 years old on the day of applying for a membership.


Senior Single
This membership level is like the Single, except that the membership owner must be at least 65 years old upon the day of applying for a membership.


This membership level is for one adult who is at least 18 years old and who owns the membership. This membership level has year-round access to the tennis courts, but not to the pools. To enjoy pool privileges, the member must enter the facility as a guest with a pool member and pay the daily guest fee.


Youth Athletic Membership
The Club also offers a “Youth Athletic Membership” to those swimmers who wish to participate on the Lakeside Hurricanes Swim Team without becoming a permanent member of the Club. A Youth Athletic Membership is for a swimmer (a child) who wants to participate on the Hurricanes Swim Team, but whose parent is not an LSRC member. For a complete list of the rules covering eligibility, qualifications, and limitations, please use this link to the Youth Athletic Membership details on the Swimtopia website.

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Special Membership Situations

LSRC offers members the opportunity to request Club privileges for a person(s) in the member’s home who does not otherwise qualify for membership, under the criteria described in association with the permanent membership levels.  The member must contact the Board at least thirty (30) days prior to the date access is requested.  These access privileges are granted on a season-to-season basis and do not automatically renew.  Additional fees apply for the special situations, at the Board’s discretion.


Caretaker of Member Child(ren)

This special request is for a non-member sitter for a member’s child(ren), who will have Club privileges only when accompanied by the member’s child(ren) and providing sitter services.  Per LSRC rules, a sitter must be at least 13 years of age.  A maximum of three (3) sitters is permitted for one fee.


Adult Member as Caretaker

This special membership permits a non-member child, who is in the member’s care, to have Club privileges when the non-member child is receiving sitter services from the member at the Club.  Each non-member child under care by the member requires payment of the caretaker fee.


Member Grandchildren

This special request is for the member’s grandchild(ren) who will have Club privileges when the member visits the Club and is accompanied by the grandchild(ren); it is for the grandchild(ren) who frequently visit the grandparent member during the summer season.  The fee applies to each grandchild under care by the member.


Member Guests

This special request permits Club privileges to member’s out-of-town guests or relatives who will be living in the member’s home for an extended period of time, but not permanently.  The member’s guests/relatives’ names will be added to the membership, for the current season only.  Local guests/relatives who simply visit the member often do not qualify for this special membership.  The fee applies to each guest or relative living in the member’s home who is seeking to have Club privileges.



LSRC offers its members the opportunity to place a membership into an “on hold” status to preserve the membership during a year when participation in Club activities for a summer season is not likely.  This special request is for an active member who wishes to place the membership in a temporary annual “on hold” status for the current season, in order to keep the membership active rather than having it expire due to non-payment of the annual renewal dues & fees.  This status must be requested and paid for by the closing date of the summer operational season.  Use of the Club’s facilities during the “on hold” status is not permitted for anyone on the membership.

If you are faced with this situation and you do not want to let your membership terminate, you must place your membership into the “on hold” status.  There is a nominal fee for this request. Contact our Membership Director to request this status.

By placing your membership in this temporary status, your membership is still in place and you are eligible to renew your membership in the next season without any penalty or loss of privileges.  The member must request and pay for the “on hold” status no later than the final open swimming date of the season; once the pools have shut down for a summer season, the season has ended, this opportunity has expired, and this status is no longer available to any member.


Please contact our Membership Director if any of these special situations apply to you.  

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Membership Cancellation/Termination

If a membership owner does not renew through payment of annual dues and/or fees and does not place the membership in the “on hold” status, that membership is terminated and cancelled at the end of a summer season and coinciding with the end of the fiscal year on September 30th.  Please don’t let your membership unintentionally fall into the cancelled status; you do have an option.  Following a membership termination and should a former member wish to return as an LSRC member, the person must apply as a “new” applicant and pay the respective new membership dues and fees.

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